At Newgrange Blinds we can offer a huge variety of Affordable , yet Elegant Roller Blinds to suit all tastes and Budgets.
Roller Blinds are easy to use and come with several different types of Control Mechanisms including Spring Action and Chord.
Roller Blinds or sometimes referred to as Roller Shades are a great Light Filtering option as they can allow light  through to your rooms without the U V glare, or choose from our large selection of Darkened Blinds for your Bedrooms.
Because of our Extensive Collection of Roller Blinds you can find the perfect match to Compliment any room in your home at a very Affordable Price. 
Also available at Newgrange Blinds are Splash Proof Blinds which are ideal for your Kitchen or Bathroom which also come in an array of Colors and Designs.
These are a Practical Solution for your most frequently used rooms.