Shutter Styles

  • At Newgrange Blinds,we offer many different shutter styles.We have extensive knowledge in the design and installation of shutters.
    Before ordering Shutters you need to think of the design and style you would like.We recommend taking a look at our portfolio below 
    to see the different styles available for your windows.
    Shutters should blend in with your windows and should be designed with the features of your window in mind.
    We have an extensive range of frames and posts to suit all windows and carry a large variety of colours.
    Remember we offer a no obligation design and quotation service.
    Feel free to contact us for advice on Shutters.
    Cafe Style Shutters
    Also known as half height shutters.These shutters generally go up half the window or to a mid divider rail on the window.
    They look great on Georgian bay windows and are ideal if your window is on a busy ground floor,they give you privacy but yet let in plenty of light from above.
    Full Height Shutters
    These are the most popular shutters.The doors or panels run the full height of the window.On tall panels over 1800 mm,a  horizontal divider rail is used for support.
    This also gives you a break in the louvre so you can open the top and bottom louvre separately.
    Tier on Tier
    This style of shutter suits long tall windows.The top panels and bottom panels open separately giving you control over your light and privacy.
    They retract the same as full height shutters but in general the bottom panels remain closed.
    Tier on Tier do not suit all window types so it is worth while contacting us for a no obligation consultation.
    Tracked Shutters
    Generally used on larger windows or for large patio doors.These shutters are hung on an aluminium tracks.Track systems can utilize many panels and the track can handle the weight of many panels.
    It is important to note how thew will stack on this type of shutter.
    Shaped Shutters
    Shutters are great for shaped windows.They can be made round or angled and can be made to fit most awkward style of window.
    They can solve many problem windows such as apex windows in bedrooms where blinds are a problem.