Exterior Shutters

  • External UPVC Decorative Shutters

    Add an exclusive look to your home or commercial premises with these
    very attractive and affordable shutters.

    Choose from our Traditional Louvre shutter made from Ornamental
    Polypropylene UPVC,which is
    maintenance free and comes with a 40 year manufactures warranty.These
    Shutters are most
    popular and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.All
    sizes available.

    Choose what style you want:

    All Louvre
    Center Mullion
    Off set Mullion
    Straight top
    Cathedral style top.

    As all Traditional Louvre Shutters are made to measure,the choice is yours.

    All Shutters can be supplied and fitted or just supplied.

    External Town and Country Decorative Shutters

    These Shutters are made from a synthetic wood which gives the
    appearance and weight of Solid Timber without
    the maintenance issues.They are given with a 10 year guarantee on the
    body and a 5 year warranty on the paint
    finish.These Shutters are handcrafted to your requirements.