• Think you need to be rich to have one  or that an awning is a luxury item,not anymore.

    At Newgrange Blinds we offer a range of quality house awnings at very affordable prices.
    Our awnings come in a variety of colours and sizes,from a simple affordable standard awning on a roller to a full cassette electric awning,we have an awning to suit your budget.
    Make your garden into another room this year and add style and luxury to your garden.All our awning fabrics are 300gsm and are solution dyed PU coated  and are fully treated against rot.Our frames are built with high grade aluminium making them lightweight but extremely sturdy.
    So what model to choose?
    As with everything in life,it comes down to budget.
    There are 3 different types of awnings
    1. The  standard model comes on a roller,the fabric is exposed to the elements and can take it's toll after years of Irish weather.
    2.The Semi-Cassette model,the fabric is protected on top with a cover,this helps protect the fabric from the elements.
    3.The full cassette model,with this model everything is covered from the fabric to the arms, keeping them covered from the weather.
    What sizes do awnings come in?
    They range from 
    1.5 meters wide to 5 meters wide and can project out from 1 meter to 3 meters depending on the width you choose.
    Are awnings hard to install?
    No the standard and semi cassette are very simple and all fixings and instructions are supplied,they are not heavy and are normally installed in less than 2 hours.
    Fully cassette awnings weight a lot and special brackets are required for bungalows and hollow block constructions,they may need a person with building experience to install,feel free to contact us for advice.
    Do you fit awnings?
    Yes on selected models and depending on where you live.
    Please contact us for advice.
    How much do awnings cost?
    To supply only
    Our standard awnings start from as little as €399 
    Feel free to contact us for more info.